Using L-Glutamine For Weight Loss

There are a few different ways to use L-Glutamine. While it is popular among athletes and bodybuilders for the incredible effect it can have on muscle growth and maintenance, it also may provide some beneficial effects for those looking to lose weight. Let’s look at exactly what this amino acid does and how it may be used to aid weight loss efforts.


L-Glutamine Supplementation

Your body makes Glutamine on its own, but it doesn’t always make enough of it for you to get the amount you need. You can find it naturally in some of the foods you eat, but it exists in most foods on only small concentrations. If you are actively dieting or working out, then your body is using a lot of Glutamine, and it won’t get the necessary amounts from food.

Thus amino acid provides a number of benefits. When you supplement with this amino acid, you can enjoy a boost to your immune system. It provides the energy your immune system needs to operate. It also gives you greater energy to work out for longer periods of time and helps you recover from workouts faster. Furthermore, Glutamine promotes muscle health, preventing the muscles from wasting or eating themselves and helping them develop at a faster rate.

It can also aid in glucose processing, turning glucose into energy and preventing fat storage. As you might guess, that’s one of the keys to using L-Glutamine as you try to lose weight.

Weight Loss through L-Glutamine

If you are serious about losing weight, and you are struggling to do so on your own without supplements, then L-Glutamine may be able to help you. This amino acid can actually prevent fat from forming as you eat. Normally, your body will take all the fat that you consume that you don’t use up right away as energy and turn it into fat tissue. This stored fat can be incredibly hard to get rid of.

Glutamine turns more of the glucose or sugary fat you eat into energy, preventing fat formation. This gives you more energy to work with and helps you keep off weight. Even if you eat a high-fat diet with L-Glutamine, you should not gain much fatty weight. Some fat will still form, as you may not use up all the energy you have available, but the majority of the fatty sugar you eat will be turned into energy and not into fat.

L-Glutamine can be a powerful fat burner, but you have to know how to use it properly. While bodybuilders take it right before or after a workout, you should take it with your food. This will ensure that the glucose you consume will have a hard time turning into fatty weight. Note that if you exercise while taking Glutamine, you can turn fatty weight into muscle. This will actually make you heavier, but you will have more muscle content as opposed to fat content.


  • Updated May 25, 2020
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