Ultimate List Of Paleo Sites

We’re trying to curate the very best paleo blogs and paleo recipe sites to make it as easy as possible for you to find the tips and advice you need. If you know of a great site we’ve missed please contact us and we’ll add it to the list!

Paleo Hacks – Paleo recipes, advice and a strong community that helps answer any and all questions related to the paleo lifestyle.

Mark’s Daily Apple – The author of the famous Primal Blueprint, Mark Sisson blogs on various aspects of health and wellbeing. Also features regular contributions from readers who have benefited from his approach to health and nutrition.

Robb Wolf – One of the most famous names in the paleo nutrition world, Robb is the author of The Paleo Solution. Plenty of great information, awesome ebooks and a regular podcast.

Chris Kesser – Chris is a licensed acupuncturist and practitioner of integrative medicine, and his site has a ton of great content. There are articles on health and nutrition, some great opinion pieces and a selection of paleo recipes – plenty to keep you busy!

Everyday Paleo –  Sarah Fragoso has been writing about the paleo lifestyle for years, both on her blog and as a published author. She created the Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook, runs a paleo podcast and eplifefit.com – all while raising a family! Well worth a visit.

Paleo Nick – A huge selection of recipes and nutritional advice, Paleo Nick is a perfect place to visit if you’re looking for some inspiration in the kitchen. Go join him in becoming a culinary ninja and learn how to make a ton of delicious meals.

The Clothes Make The Girl – Melissa Joulwan has a really fun blog covering various aspects of paleo nutrition and fitness. There’s a great mix of awesome food, workout tips and some personal insights on living the paleo life.

Paleomg – One of the best paleo recipe sites out there, you’ll never be short of ideas for dinner after a quick visit to Paleomg. Julie Bauer has also created ‘The Paleo Kitchen’ and ‘OMG That’s Paleo?’, two popular paleo recipe books.

Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations – George Bryant is behind the fantastic Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations, and award-winning paleo food blog with tons of delicious recipes. The recipes are organised by type which makes it really easy to find something tasty, and the crockpot section alone makes the site worth visiting.

Rubies and Radishes – Another fantastic recipe blog, Rubies and Radishes has lots of delicious paleo-friendly recipes and some general health and wellbeing tips. Arsy is also the author of ‘The Paleo Foodie Cookbook’ and ‘The Paleo Slow Cooker’.

Perfect Health Diet – The product of the husband and wife team of Paul Jaminet and Shou-Ching Shih Jaminet, Perfect Health Diet focuses as much on combatting common and chronic health conditions through diet as it does on weight loss and fitness. The aim is to help people eat towards optimal health, and there’s some great advice and recipes on the site.

Paleo Plan – Articles on living the paleo lifestyle, alongside some great recipes and general lifestyle and fitness tips. They also have a subscription meal plan service, which sends you a shopping list and recipes every week.

Primal Palate – Paleo recipes, health and beauty tips, lifestyle advice and some great success stories. Primal Palate has a range of great content from various contributors, and their menus section is well worth a look.

The Paleo Diet – An interesting mix of a scientific approach to paleo, recipes and opinion pieces. Dr. Loren Cordain is one of the leading authorities on the evolutionary basis of diet and disease.

Nom Nom Paleo – Michelle Tam runs Nom Nom Paleo, an awesome paleo recipe blog that’s a ton of fun. There’s a near endless list of fantastic looking recipes, and the Whole 30 is a great place to start.

The Domestic Man – Russ Crandall’s cooking blog has a strong paleo influence and focuses on cooking delicious meals using natural, unprocessed ingredients. He focuses largely on recipes that were around decades before processed food became the norm, and has written ‘The Ancestral Table’ cookbook.

Balanced Bites – Recipes, paleo lifestyle advice and an excellent podcast. Diane Sanfilippo’s has had several popular books published, including the New York Times’ best sellers ‘The 21 Day Sugar Detox’ and ‘Practical Paleo’.

Primal Parent – A approach to parenting and pregnancy that promotes using your own body and natural solutions to solve parenting issues. Peggy Emch is the author of Primal Moms Look Good Naked, A Mother’s Guide to Achieving Beauty Through Excellent Health.

Primal Toad – Todd Barret Dosenberry, or Toad, travels the world and offers practical advice on a number of paleo cooking topics. The blog promotes healthy living and not taking your food too seriously.

Paleo Parents – Together, Stacy and Matthew are the Paleo Parents. They have written a cookbook entitled Eat Like a Dinosaur and they provide a podcast as well as a number of great paleo recipes. Their blog covers their journey from overweight to fit and lean and how visitors to the site can experience the same transformation.

I Breathe I’m Hungry – Mellissa Sevigny blogs about healthy, low-fat foods and creates delectable recipes that anyone can make and enjoy. She has written three cookbooks, including one named after her website. The site often features great giveaways for loyal visitors.

Primal Kitchen – The blogs and recipes on the site are mostly centred on packed lunches and great ideas for making kid’s meals fun and varied. The site also offers nifty t-shirts for everyone in the family.

DIY Health Blog – Angela provides tips and blog concentrating on digestion and more specifically IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). She also offers a number of anecdotes from friends and associates on various eating disorders and digestion topics.

Cave Girl in the City – Kenzie’s approach to the paleo lifestyle is as much about connecting with other people as it is about finding great meal alternatives. The site contains a number of social options, including comment sections and social links. It also links to other sites and products that inspire Kenzie’s blogs and recipes.

Against the Grain Nutrition – Kate is a professional fitness instructor and dietician who uses her knowledge to write healthy-living blogs and recipes. She also posts inspirational photos and videos that are always good for motivation.

Baobab Wellness – The site is equal parts healthy recipes and cooking tips as it is fitness and exercise routines. The approach of the site’s founders also includes mental health tips and resources to help people who are looking to improve the way they live and feel.

Paleolithic Diet – The site takes a clinical and fact-oriented line with paleo living. It combines helpful eating and loving tips with interesting medical correlations between paleo eating and the processes of the body.

Cooking Caveman – Jeff Nimoy is the voice behind a number of characters on beloved children’s’ television shows. He brings a man’s touch to paleo cooking, focusing on meat, eggs and high protein dishes that are sure to appeal to the caveman in everyone.

Free the Animal – Richard Nikoley, author of Free the Animal: How to lose weight & fat on the paleo diet blogs about money, health fitness and more topics related to living a healthy, happy lifestyle based around a number of paleo concepts.

Paleo for Women – Stefani Ruper is the bestselling author of Sexy by Nature. Her site includes a great podcast, a blog and a number of great recipes to help those interested in the paleo diet.

The Foodee – This paleo-centric site provides healthy recipes as well as a great dose of community togetherness. Visitors to the site are encouraged to share recipes and get together to discuss ideas and meet like-minded people.

Gluten Free with Judee – Judee Algazi provides a number of varied recipes for people who want or need to eat gluten-free foods. No matter what meal you’re trying to make, the site offers helpful tips and instructions on how to eat healthy and gluten-free.

Just Eat Real Food – Allison offers up daily recipes based on the idea that only natural foods should be consumed. She also helps visitors connect to the sources of paleo cooking and instruction that inspired her to make the change to a paleo diet.

Paleoista – Nell Stephenson offers a healthy living consulting service and blogs about how to eat and live healthy. Topics and resources include paleo recipes, conservationism and feeling good about oneself.

Steve’s Paleo Goods – The site is an online store of paleo goodies, made from all-natural ingredients and intended for people wanting to live and eat healthy. But the site also provides great recipes and an insightful blog that promotes wellbeing.

Nerd Fitness – Steve is the author of 15 Mistakes Newbies Make When Trying to Get Healthy, and he blogs about fitness and wellbeing topics. But he provides a unique viewpoint by combining health and becoming fit with video games and comic books.

Free Range Human – The site is intended as a way for people to combat and control their diseases and maladies through healthy eating. The blog recounts the writer’s personal fight with epilepsy and provides personal, natural treatments for a number of conditions through paleo cooking.

Living Gorgeous – Esther Blum is a nutritionist and dietician with three books about living and eating healthy in order to look and feel great. Her blog covers a variety of topics related to paleo eating a living.

The Paleo Mama – Jackie provides a wealth of blogs and recipes about the paleo diet, promoting the use of ghee and non-refined grains. She also writes inspirational and insightful pieces about treating people with respect and homeschooling children.

Stupid Easy Paleo – Steph takes her love of photography and paleo eating and creates a beautiful blogging site that is great for helping people find healthy alternatives to their favourite dishes.

Julianne’s Paleo and Zone Nutrition – The site covers the spectrum of healthy living and paleo nutrition. Julianne draws on resources from medical experts and provides fascinating insights about eating and living in a healthy way.

Paleo Dish – This Canadian site focuses on recipes that look and taste great, but are easy for just about anyone to make. But there is also a wealth of nutritional and fitness information on the site, particularly for those interested in crossfit.

Clean Program – The site is geared toward people who want to cleanse their body of toxins. It offers helpful tips and recipes to try for every step of the cleansing process as well as doctor-recommended advice.

The Spunky Coconut – The site does more than just list off recipes and provide nutrition blogs (though it does all that very well), it also provides resources to the quality products the author uses to create her dishes, allowing readers to share her methods.

Paleo Table – The site combines beautiful photography with delectable dishes, creating a paleo fusion that is hard to resist. Helpful crossfit advice is also provided to round out a healthy lifestyle.

My Natural Family – You can find step-by-step instructions on this site that will guide you out of an unhealthy lifestyle and into natural living. Through articles on fitness and family living, the author captures a holistic approach to living well and feeling great.

Fast Paleo – Looking for meals you can make in just a few minutes or elegant dishes that are fit for special occasions? And you want it all to be healthy, paleo-centred cooking? This site is perfect for you, with its focus on a variety of meals and even a section on healthy alternatives to kids’ favourites.

Paleo on a Budget – The fiscally-minded site lets you know what you can buy at a discount each week. Then it shows you how to make great, healthy food without having to spend a lot. It’s perfect for people who want to live paleo, but don’t want to make a huge investment in their grocery bill.

Ultimate Paleo Guide – For people looking for a step-by-step guide to paleo living, this site is perfect. It provides coaching and recipes and covers every aspect of the paleo lifestyle in a simple, easy-to-understand format.

Simply Paleo – You can find paleo dishes here for any occasion. This site provides timely blogs and recipes that help you make the most of the season. Or if you require a more hands-on approach, the site provides personal consultations, ensuring you can ease into the paleo lifestyle.

The Paleo Diet – Loren Cordain is the founder of the Paleo Movement, and he provides insight into the paleo lifestyle like no one else can. His site also offers a bunch of great paleo foods and meals already made and able to be delivered to you for your convenience.

Paleo Plan – The chefs at the Paleo Plan are all about creating options. They know that there isn’t just one way to make everything, so they provide different ingredients and cooking options that are sure to please even the pickiest of eaters.

Elena’s Pantry – Elena provides an entire lifestyle guide for those interested in living healthier. There are some great recipes that might tickle your fancy along with tips on what fitness trends to latch onto and which ones to avoid.

Changing Habits – The site gives you a ton of different approaches to living healthier and feeling better about yourself. From a variety of diet plans to fitness regimens that anyone can pull off, you will find everything you need to get started on creating a better you.

Paleo Grubs – The mandate of this site is simple- provide great paleo recipes with interesting commentary on each dish. But this approach helps paleo enthusiasts determine if the dish will be right for them long before they take a bite.

Primal Grill – Steven Raichlen’s Primal Grill offers up explanatory DVDs to give you unrivaled instructions on how to prepare paleo meals. The show captured on the DVDs is meant to both inform its viewer and delight them with masterful paleo cooking.

Primal Body Primal Mind – Norah Gedgaudas is the author of Primal Body, Primal Mind, which takes a holistic approach to the paleo lifestyle. Beyond just healthy eating tips, her blog also contains fitness and wellbeing information that is sure to help any paleo enthusiast get started on the right path.


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