Protein Brownie Recipes – Our Favourites

Protein brownie recipes have always been a little bit hit and miss – the occasional gem hidden between batch after batch of chalky, almost tasteless abominations. At least in my experience (I’m not much of a baker).

Fortunately, in the last few years, there’s been a real growth in the number of people producing recipes that utilise whey and other protein sources. And these are from actual bakers and chefs, not the traditional meathead in his kitchen with a blender and a tub of whey!

As we’ve mentioned in our protein flapjack recipe post, we’re not particularly great in the kitchen in my house. So rather than try to reinvent the wheel, I’ve collected some of the tastiest protein brownie recipes I’ve tried. All are highly recommended!

Layne Norton/Protein Pow Low Carb Brownies

Protein Pow Brownie

Perfect for those running a keto diet but are trying to fight off the craving for something sweet, these brownies have under 2g of carbs each, alongside 7.2g of protein. Not bad for around 60 calories a serving.

The use of real dark chocolate, as well as the chocolate syrup and whey, really gives them that intense flavour you rarely see with chocolate protein brownies. Prep time is about 20 mins, with another 20 mins of cooking time.

LDN Muscle Gooey Chocolate Brownies

LDN Muscle Brownie

Another awesome recipe from Sophie over at LDN Muscle, they really have that proper chewiness you expect from a good brownie. They do require a few ingredients that are a little trickier to find in UK supermarkets (including xantham gum, fast becoming a staple in the protein cooking community), but you can get most of them online if you can’t get them locally.

Sweet, chewy and rich, and perfect with a nice latte.

LDN Muscle Gooey Chocolate Brownies

Ambitious Kitchen – 100 Calorie Raspberry Chocolate Chip Brownies

Ambitious Kitchen Brownie

Another excellent low calorie and low carb choice. They have all the normal chewy sweetness you’d want in a brownie, but the addition of the raspberries really adds to the flavour. The use of the rolled oats makes them really filling too.

There’s the option to go with the vanilla or chocolate protein powder. I’ve only tried the chocolate, but I’m positive the vanilla will be fantastic.

100 Calorie Raspberry Chocolate Chip Brownies

Joe Wicks Chocolate Peanut Butter ‘No Bake’ Brownies

Everyone loves a ‘no-bake’ recipe – they’re usually really simple to make and require minimal ingredients, so they’re perfect if you suck at baking! This recipe from Men’s Fitness body coach Joe Wicks is about as simple as it gets. Most of the ingredients are just thrown in a blender together, the base is spread out on a tray and you add your peanut butter and melted chocolate to the top. Easy!

Joe Wicks Chocolate Peanut Butter ‘No Bake’ Brownies

Harry Ranson’s Chocolate Brownies

Harry Ranson Brownies

A straightforward but highly versatile recipe that is low calorie and fairly low carb. It’s another mix it and bake it recipe which should produce 6 brownies at 85 calories and 10g of protein each. The suggested alternatives sound great, such as trying different flavours of whey or using coconut flour instead of the oats. A simple but very tasty brownie.

Harry Ranson’s Chocolate Brownies

Moni Meals Double Protein Brownies

Moni Meals Brownies

Monica over at Moni Meals isn’t messing around with this recipe, sneaking in some extra protein by using chopped up protein bars as a topping – a genius idea which helps add a few more grams of the good stuff to a pretty straightforward recipe. Combining a packet of pre-made brownie mix with a couple of scoops of whey and topping with the bars is about as straightforward as baking gets, and they’re pretty delicious too!

Dr Oz Protein Avocado Brownies

Dr Oz Avocado Brownie

Something a little different to finish up, these gluten and dairy-free brownies are as much a twist on the traditional brownie recipe as they are protein-packed. The use of 2 avocados means you’re getting a healthy dose of good fats, but apart from that, they’re a little light on the protein. We recommend throwing in a couple of scoops of chocolate whey to help up the protein count without affecting the flavour too much.

Dr Oz Protein Avocado Brownies


  • Updated May 26, 2020
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