Is Glutamine Safe?

Before you start taking the supplement Glutamine, you should know how safe it is for you. Not everyone will have the same reaction to it, nor should everyone use it in the same way.

There are some minor side effects that anyone taking this supplement should be aware of. These are going to be mild, for the most part, so if yours are very severe, then you need to get medical help right away.

Here are the most common side effects experienced while taking Glutamine:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Swelling
  • Dry mouth
  • Rash
  • Muscle pain
  • Joint pain
  • Gas


The majority of people never experience any symptoms whatsoever. In fact, most side effects only occur because people are taking too much of the supplement. So long as you stay within the 5g-30g range, you should be fine. Children over 10 should only take 500mg per day.

If you do take too much or have an adverse reaction to the supplement, you may experience harsher symptoms, such as chest pain, hearing problems or difficulty breathing. If you experience one of these side effects, you should stop taking the drug right away and get medical help.

If you use the supplement properly, and you don’t have any preexisting medical conditions that require treatment, you should not have any problems with Glutamine. You can take the supplement regularly and enjoy its many benefits, free from side effects.

The reason we can classify this supplement as so safe is that it is naturally developed. It comes from ingredients found in food, like red meat, milk and chicken. It is the same amino acid that is inside your own body, helping you to feel energized and turning much of the glucose you take in into energy you can use. Your body should not reject the supplement form of the amino acid, since it creates the very same thing.

You don’t need to supplement with Glutamine if you are not dieting or working out. Your levels of this amino acid should be just fine, and you should be able to get what you need of it by eating the right foods. A balanced diet will provide everything most people require when it comes to Glutamine. For everyone else, just start out low and slow with your doses and work up from there to the desired dosages, as your body adapts to the supplement. If you encounter any problems along the way, let your doctor advise you on how to proceed.


  • July 17, 2020
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