How To Meal Prep Bacon

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We hear it always and it’s true. But what if you just don’t have enough time to prepare a healthy and fresh breakfast for you and your family each morning? Have you been watching famous cooking shows searching for an answer but you’re still confused? You should learn how to meal prep bacon. We’ll show you how to do it, the benefits, the best way to meal prep bacon, other options you have and how long after it’s still safe to eat.


Can You Meal Prep Bacon?

Yes, meal prepping bacon is one of the safest ways to guarantee that whether you’re always just about to run out the door or your friends come over unexpectedly, you have a dish ready to serve in a matter of minutes. So, let’s learn how to meal prep bacon.

The best time to meal prep bacon is during the weekends when you’re free and can spare about 30 minutes to preparing the dish for the rest of the week.


How To Meal Prep Bacon

You’ll need baking sheets, cooking parchment, aluminum foil, a separate flat tray, a baking rack, paper towels, and Ziploc plastic bags.

First, you should preheat your oven to about 200˚C. Place the oven tray in the middle slot of your oven. Or, if you’re using a microwave oven you should let it reach a 200˚C temperature. It should take around 12 minutes. Set the alarm on your oven so you know when it hits the right temperature.

Meanwhile, take the aluminum foil and place it over the baking tray. You should cut it to around 3 – 5 cm from the edges of your pan. Press the foil down onto the baking tray and run your fingers around the inner margins and press down the extra foil over the exterior edges of the tray to secure it. A different method is to pleat the aluminum foil into an accordion-like shape, with each peak at about 1 cm in height. You can place the bacon strips onto each peak.

Next, you should place the bacon strips vertically and parallel next to each other, leaving about 1 cm of space between strips. Start from any end of the pan you want and work your way to the opposite side. You can use the space left over at the top of the tray by placing bacon strips horizontally to cover the area.

Once your oven has reaches 200˚C you can slightly increase it by another 20˚C but not more. Place your pan with the bacon onto the oven tray. Close the oven door and wait for about 20 to 25 minutes. Your bacon should now be undercooked. And that’s what you’re aiming for so you can reheat it later on during the week. For a more tender texture, you should cook the bacon strips at about 190˚C for 30 minutes. Your pre-cooked bacon strips should be flexible and the edges should be somewhat brownish.

You can now start the cooling and draining process. After removing the cooking tray from the oven, place it onto a granite surface and start removing the bacon strips from the aluminum foil so they don’t stick to it. After about 5-6 minutes, your bacon strips should have cooled off enough.

Cover your separate tray with paper towels and place the bacon strips onto it, side by side so that any extra fat and grease gets absorbed.

If you use a baking rack, place it on top of a flat pan so that the bacon fat drips onto it. You can use the bacon grease in other recipes later on. It can be stored for about 1 year in a small container in your fridge.

Take some cooking parchment sheets and place about 3-4 bacon strips onto each piece. After you finish, put the cooking parchment into plastic containers, one on top of the other and seal the container.

Put the container in your fridge and store it until you need to cook a wonderful breakfast the next morning. It’ll only take you approx. 30 seconds to cook in the microwave oven.

The Benefits Of Pre-preparing Bacon

Pre-preparing bacon is highly convenient for people who have very busy schedules or just want to be prepared for any unexpected guests. By pre-cooking bacon, you guarantee that you have a ready-to-make delicious dish for any meal in a matter of seconds.

Also, pre-cooking bacon will allow any excess fat to be removed from the bacon strips, so your cholesterol level doesn’t get affected. The pre-cooked bacon maintains healthy properties without impacting the body’s fitness levels.


What’s The Best Way To Meal Prep Bacon

The best way to meal prep bacon is by cooking it in the oven. You avoid any excess fat or burning the bacon strips. Pre-heat your oven to about 200˚ C. Place the bacon strips vertically on an aluminum covered baking tray. Put the tray into your oven and wait for 20-25 minutes after which you should remove the strips off the aluminum foil to prevent them from sticking. Let the bacon cool off and drain out any fat by using paper towels or a baking rack. Place the strips onto cooking parchment sheets and put them into plastic containers to store in your fridge.


Other Cooking Options For Bacon

Other cooking options for bacon include using the waffle maker, a frying pan or grill. You should monitor the bacon strips so you don’t overcook them.


How Long After Cooking Bacon Is It Safe To Eat?

Pre-cooked bacon can be stored up to 5-6 days in your fridge. However, if you want to store it for a longer time you should set the pre-cooked strips on paper wax, and store them in the freezer for about 3 hours after which you can put them in plastic zip bags. They can be kept for up to 4 months.

After cooking your bacon, you can safely keep it in your fridge for up to 4 days. The best way to tell if you’re cooked bacon is still good to eat is to check whether the smell is sour or the texture and colour are dull.



Whether you’re always on the go or just want to have a ready-to-make delicious meal to serve at any time, pre-cooking bacon is the best way to go. You can easily make a healthy breakfast for you or your family in just 30 seconds.


  • Updated May 25, 2020
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