How To Make A Protein Shake

There are a few different ways to go about making a good whey protein shake, and they’re all pretty dependant on what equipment you have and what you’re in the mood for. Here we’ll look at how to make a protein shake, and there are a few recipes at the end of this article should you wish to try them.


First off there a couple of different methods you can use to mix a shake.  The first, most simply, is a shaker cup.  These cups have a lid (most come with a spout) and a filter that detaches from the main body of the cup.  Just pour in your liquid of choice, and your whey powder, assemble the cup and give it a shake.

A blender is ideal if you want to make a more complex shake.  You can throw pretty much anything in there and it’ll mix together, so it’s handy if you’re adding anything other than the standard milk/water and whey combo.


You can make a simple whey protein shake by mixing it with water or different kinds of milk.  You could also use a fruit juice and even yogurt.  If your whey protein is unflavoured, you could add a little flavoured syrup or powder to give it a bit of taste (I’m a fan of milkshake powder like Nesquik), unless you’re adding it to the fruit juice in which case you probably won’t need any extra flavouring.

Of course, you do have the option of buying a protein powder which is already flavoured.  There are quite a few different flavours out there ranging from banana or chocolate to cookie flavour. If you’re only planning on taking your shake with milk or water, you would only really need a shaker cup.  The only downside of the ready flavoured powders can be the taste, which varies pretty drastically between brands.

Things you can add it to

You can jazz your protein powder up a bit by blending it into a smoothie.  To do that, I would recommend using a blender as the ingredients you would be adding are a lot thicker in consistency compared with milk and water.

Most people tend to favour the fruit-based smoothies as they are sweeter and go down easier.  Some of the most popular fruits for smoothies are bananas and strawberries although there are numerous combinations you can use to create a tasty shake.

The vegetable-based smoothies can be just as healthy an alternative.  Carrots, cucumber and broccoli are among the many vegetables you can use in a smoothie.  There are also many delicious shakes you can make incorporating veggies and fruit in the same shake.  You can even blend it with yogurt.  There are also ways to take whey protein without making shakes by adding it to meals like porridge or to sauces for main meals.

How much whey protein should you use?

Depending on your reason for using whey protein, whether it’s to supplement your daily intake or to assist with a high protein diet or muscle gain, you should use the nutritional information and your daily intake of protein the food you’ve ingested to calculate the exact amount you should use.  This usually translates to one or two scoops per shake although it would be best to do your own calculations. The general consensus between bodybuilders is that the ideal amount of protein intake for muscle building is 1g of protein per lb of lean bodyweight.

Some recipes to try

There are tons of really tasty protein shake recipes, so rather than try and list them all here we’ve made a board over on Pinterest with some of the best ones we’ve found.  Check it out here.


  • Updated May 26, 2020
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