Combining BCAA and Glutamine

Some supplements just work better together, creating a perfect cycle where they complement one another and work to each other’s strengths. BCAA and Glutamine are two such supplements, and we’re going to show why they are beneficial separately but spectacular together.



If you just use BCAA on its own, you can enjoy an increase in protein synthesis and even protein synthesis capacity. Your body can use proteins faster and repurpose them where it needs them. When you diet a lot, your body will use proteins to prevent muscle wasting. As those who have studied bodybuilding and dieting know, the more you deprive your body of fats, carbs and other types of food, the more your body starts to use up its own mass to fill their place.

BCAA slows down muscle wasting and actually helps the body send protein where it needs to go. This reinforces and maintains the muscles, even during times of extreme dieting.


Glutamine does something similar, in that it prevents muscle wasting while you exercise. As you work out, your body loses Glutamine, and if you supplement it, then you won’t allow your body to destroy muscle tissue.

Your body simply isn’t prepared, in its natural state, to undergo lots of physical activity, day in and day out. It will start to eat itself up to try to keep up with what you are doing to your body. It notices that resources are being used, and it will try to use other components in the body to replace those used resources.

If you supplement and keep glutamine levels high, though, you can protect your body and stimulate muscle growth at a rate far higher than would normally be possible.


Supplementing Together

So, one of these supplements works to prevent muscle wasting during dieting, and the other prevents muscle loss during workouts. You can already see how they would be great together. As you cut your carbohydrate and fat intakes and boost your workout regimen, you are going to need to supplement the BCAA and Glutamine that your body is getting rid of during these activities. Your body uses up these amino acids at an accelerated rate when you diet and exercise, and you need to do something to ensure the proper levels are maintained.

Supplementing the two of them not only protects your muscles, but allows them to grow larger and stronger. You can see greater muscle development over a short period of time when you add these two supplements to your regimen.

They complement each other incredibly well, giving you the protection you need no matter what methods you are using to get in shape. They work as partners to tell your body to get rid of fatty tissue instead of muscular tissue, helping you transform your body into a lean, mean machine. If you want to make a difference in your muscular development, then these supplements are the way to go.


  • July 17, 2020
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