When Is the Best Time to Take L-Glutamine?

To get the most out of any supplement you have to know when to take it, how much to take and what way to use it. If you take it at the wrong time, your metabolism could simply destroy it, or your body may not be able to utilize it the way you intended it. Your body is performing a number of processes all the time, throughout the day. If you take the supplement during the right process, you can reap the greatest benefits.

We’re going to show you how to do just that with the supplement L-Glutamine. This amino acid is something that your body already makes, but you often need more of it than you can get naturally, especially if you work out often.

For this particular supplement, the best time to take it is just after a workout if you are using it to build muscle, prevent muscle wasting and boost your workout results. You can take a 5g dose once a day to start with, directly following your workout. The reason for taking the supplement then is that during your workout your body’s Glutamine levels drop. Now, flooding your body with L-Glutamine right before the workout won’t always be very effective as there’s only so much your body can use at once. But after your workout, your body is suffering from lowered levels, and it could really benefit from a boost.

By supplementing with L-Glutamine at this point, you can help your body recover faster from the workout and prevent your muscles from wasting in between workouts, preserving the hard work you did.

As you get more used to Glutamine, you can increase your intake from 5g all the way up to 30g. It works best when you take it with some carbohydrates, as this will greatly improve the way your body uses glucose. You should always plan to take Glutamine with a snack or meal that is rich in carbohydrates for the best results. It can still be beneficial to you if you take it alone, but not nearly as much as it could be.

For days where you are doing training, your body is going to need to stay hydrated. You will be working out more and electrolyte loss can hamper your effectiveness as you work out. Taking some Glutamine before your workout will help to counter those negative effects. This will help with hydration and ensure your body holds onto water and electrolytes for longer periods of time. It will make better use of the resources it has and allow you to go longer, accomplish more and see better results at the end of the day.

It’s best if you can break up your Glutamine intake into 5g doses throughout the day. The more you spread it out through the day, the more effective it will be, providing you with benefits at regular intervals and ensuring that your muscles don’t waste due to inactivity. This is particularly important on off-training days.


  • July 17, 2020
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