What Does Creatine Do For Women?

As the sports supplement industry continues to grow and we see increasing numbers of different pills, powders and bars on the shelves it can be tough to keep track of all the supposed health benefits of them all.

One mainstay of the supplement market is creatine, which has been around for decades. But what are the health benefits of creatine for women, and does it work any differently from the way it works for men?

Here we’ll look at what it is, what it does and discuss at the best creatine monohydrate for women.


What Does Creatine Do?

Creatine is a supplement created from three different amino acids in your body. Together they work to allow you to exercise more strenuously and to recover from workout and muscle pain faster.

It is a common misconception that creatine will make you stronger or faster or more muscular. In actuality, it gives you the ability to train harder and faster. That means it makes it easier for you to become faster and stronger. So it only increases your strength, build and fitness levels indirectly.

Here is how it works within your body. As you work out, your muscles require ATP or adenosine-triphosphate to keep working at the same level. Without that chemical, your muscles will grow fatigued and sore quickly, and you will lose the ability to exercise for extended periods.

Now creatine appears naturally in the body, as your body makes its own supply. But it may not make enough for you to do your exercises at the rate at which you would like to. That’s where the supplement comes in.

Creatine supplement is specially formulated to deliver the much-needed compound directly to your muscles. This will permit you to work out at a much harder and faster rate and to work out for longer periods of time. That means you get to see muscle development happen much quicker when you supply your body with creatine supplement.

This supplement makes it easier to get into the shape you want. And you don’t have to strain your body as hard. A lot of the strain that normal people feel when they exercise happens because their body is running out of creatine. Their body is resisting the exercises they want to do, and they have to stop before they might like to. But you can keep going and see better results with your workout when you use the supplement.

Women who use creatine regularly and workout find that they have more energy. So they can push their bodies harder and get the kind of astounding results they only dreamed of before. And the workouts won’t wear them out as much as they used to or result in muscle soreness and fatigue. With creatine supplementing their workout, they can recover faster and be ready for the next day’s workout without feeling stiff, sore or achy. Creatine totally transforms what you can do and how far you can push your body.


How Much Should You Take?

As with any workout supplement, one of the most important questions is: How much is safe for me? You don’t want to overdo it and risk hurting yourself. And you don’t want to take too little and not see the kinds of results you were hoping for.

In the past, it was recommended that people load creatine by taking a large dose in the morning then take a smaller dose later to keep the process gong. But recent research has found that this is not necessary. Simply taking a 5g dose each day will give you the same results in the same amount of time.

Now not everyone will need the same amounts of creatine in order to give them the same results. Creatine is resupplied to the body naturally by eating foods that are high in protein, such as fish and red meat. If you are on a vegan or vegetarian diet, you may need slightly more creatine, perhaps another gram or two each day. Those who eat lots of red meat and fish may not need as much and may be able to get by with as little as 3g a day of creatine.


What Kind Should You Take?

There are a few different kinds of creatine, and each manufacturer seems to have its own version. But if you want real results, then you need to take the real deal.

Make sure that any creatine you use is described as creatine monohydrate. This can come in either a pill or a powder form – we suggest taking it as a pill. It will be more convenient for you, as you can just take it straight with a glass of water. If you do go with the powder form, you will want to mix it with a milkshake or some other flavored drink, yet many people dislike the taste of the powder, even when they add it to something else.

There are plenty of knockoff creatine supplements and products that are advertised to provide the same results. But you want to be sure that you are getting actual creatine and not something else. Look at the ingredient list on the packaging and make sure that it contains creatine monohydrate. Anything else just isn’t going to give you the same results.


When Should You Take It?

Now, most supplements need to be taken at specific times to give you the most benefit, and creatine is not that different in that regard. While taking it at certain times of day won’t really make a difference, you do want to make sure you take it every day. And you especially need to ensure that you take it on days that you work out.

Without the creatine, you could suffer muscle soreness and fatigue, and you want to avoid that as much as possible. If you aren’t taking it consistently, you could end up with inconsistent results.

And while timing isn’t all that important for taking creatine, you can boost your workout results by taking it just before or just after your workout. If you take it before, be sure to give yourself about 20-30 minutes before you start working out. This will give the supplement time to get into your bloodstream and reach your muscles. Try to work out at the same time every day so that you can plan your creatine consumption for that time.

Should You Cycle Creatine?

Many supplement users will cycle their supplements. They will take them for a while then stop taking them. This is supposed to let your body rest and to allow it to create its own amino acids and proteins without outside help.

With creatine, there are no real health risks to cycling or not cycling. You can go either way and you will be fine. It all just comes down to personal choice. Do you feel like you want your body to do things naturally every once in a while? Then cycling may make you feel better about using the supplement.

Do you feel that when you stop using creatine that your muscles get sore and you have trouble recovering from your workouts? Then there is no need to cycle and you can keep using the creatine as long as you like.

Just know that if you do cycle, the creatine takes about 14 days to fully saturate into your system. So to get back to the results you were getting while taking it regularly, you are going to have to give yourself a couple of weeks. But other than that, cycling creatine isn’t really going to make any difference in the kind of results you achieve or the way your body feels.


Can Creatine Cause Weight Gain?

Creatine is often used by people who are looking to lose their fat and develop muscle instead. They may be concerned that a supplement that works similarly to some protein supplements will cause them to gain weight. While creatine does help muscle development, it doesn’t pack on fat.

The only weight you will gain while on creatine is water weight. This you will likely work off or expel in time, but it won’t add any fat to your body. It can make you look or feel bloated if you are just taking it and not working out or eating properly. Any supplement you take needs to be consumed in conjunction with healthy workout habits and healthy eating. Otherwise, you are not going to experience the full benefits.

Creatine is the same way. So long as you have healthy habits, you won’t gain any water weight or retain water weight. All the weight it adds to you will be turned into muscle or be gotten rid of by your body.

If you stop taking creatine, you won’t retain as much water weight. But you also aren’t going to gain weight back just because you stopped taking the supplement. It simply does not work that way.


Does Creatine Help Burn Fat?

Creatine does not burn fat directly. You won’t lose weight just by taking the supplement, and you should not expect the pounds to just fall away by themselves.

Instead, it works on your weight loss and fitness indirectly. Creatine gives you the ability to push yourself further. It does so by giving you more energy, keeping your muscles hydrated and easing the pain and recovery time that are a part of working out. It essentially makes it easier for you to take your body to new levels and to increase the intensity and benefits of your workouts.

Now creatine does help you to build muscles. This leads to a better metabolism, which of course, gives you the ability to lose weight faster. And as your body becomes used to turning carbohydrates and fats into muscle, it will get rid of and transform your fat much faster. You will basically be developing good metabolic habits for your body, and it will start to do on its own some of the things your workout is meant to do.

Those hoping to lose weight while taking creatine will only be successful if they are combining their creatine consumption with exercise and healthy eating.


Recommended Products

MyProtein offers a couple of great creatine products for women to use. These are designed to provide exceptional quality creatine that produces incredible results when combined with healthy eating and regular exercise.

Creatine monohydrate powder from MyProtein is the perfect way to incorporate this amino acid compound into your beverages or make it part of your meals. It can be mixed into water, juices and many other beverages to make it taste more appealing. The powder is made from pure creatine, not any shoddy, low-quality substitutes, and it gives users the power to improve their musculature and become more fit.

The creatine powder comes in several delicious flavors, including raspberry lemonade, orange, sour apple and lemon and lime. It is intended to be taken just before or after a workout to reduce muscle strain and improve recovery.

If you prefer pills to powder then creatine monohydrate pills are also available. They come in 1g serving sizes. They are convenient to take whenever you like and so easy to carry with you when you go to work or to the gym.

It is recommended that you take these pills directly after your workout. And you should also combine them with a whey protein to maximize their benefits and ensure you are getting the best results possible. The recommended dose is to take 3-5 of these pills once or twice daily. Your best results may require varying the dose, so it’s a good idea to start low and see how it goes from there.


  • Updated July 15, 2020
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