A Beginner’s Guide To Glutamine

Glutamine exists throughout your entire body, and is a basic building block of muscles. In fact, well over half of your skeletal muscles are comprised of glutamine.

As an amino acid, glutamine is essential for your body’s growth, particularly muscle growth. It holds about one-fifth of all the nitrogen in your body, and it serves as the primary source of nitrogen transport.

Your body needs glutamine if it is going to build muscles and strengthen the ones you already have. A glutamine supplement provides a boost of this amino acid to your body, which can greatly improve the results of workout sessions.


How It Works

Your body actually loses glutamine when you perform intense training. If you don’t have enough of the amino acid in your body as you train, then you won’t gain the kind of muscle mass you are hoping to. Deprived of glutamine, your body may exert energy and you may feel sore muscles after the workout, but you aren’t likely to see significant gains.

You can restore the glutamine levels to your body with supplements, empowering your muscles to develop and harden.

It’s not just your muscles that need the glutamine, though. Your small intestine also benefits, as does your immune system. You may have noticed that bodybuilders are more prone to become ill than non-bodybuilders, and that’s because they lose glutamine as they work out. A simple supplement can make a huge difference in how ready your body is to fight off infection after an intense workout.


How to Take Glutamine

You won’t need a lot of glutamine especially if you are taking some other supplements. Most bodybuilders and dieters take a combination of supplements to get the best results, and many of those supplements already contain glutamine. It’s a good idea to check what your other supplements contain before you start taking glutamine supplements.

The recommended dose is 10-15 grams per day. You should split it up into two or three servings a day, with each serving come in around 5 grams. The best time to take the supplement is when you first wake up, right after a workout and just before you go to bed. Taking the supplement at these times allows it to offer the most powerful benefits.

How Safe Is It?

Thankfully, glutamine is very safe, and most people will never have any problems when they take it. You still want to stick to the recommended dosage, since taking too much can lead to an upset stomach. Some people have complained of seizures while taking the supplement, but that only tends to happen if their workouts are far too strenuous.

No common side effects have been reported among users who follow the recommended dosage. That’s to be expected, though, since it is a compound that your body produces on its own.


What Benefits to Expect

If you aren’t using glutamine yet, you may want to consider it. The amino acid has so much to offer. Here is a quick look.

  1. It provides carbon and nitrogen to the body, which creates a domino effect of boosting the body’s glycogen supply, which leads to more energy for you to use. More energy means that you can work out for longer without feeling tired.
  2. It also builds muscles, and no other component is as essential to skeletal muscle development.
  3. It also prevents muscle wasting or catabolization. This happens when your other cells need to use the muscle in order to survive. Through a process known as protein synthesis, glutamine protects your muscles.
  4. It hydrates your cells and helps them to maintain their volume. This ensures that you recover faster and heal from muscle soreness and wounds.
  5. The supplement further benefits you by restoring glutamine levels in your body that are depleted as you work out. This provides more glutamine benefits and ensures that your body is protected to a greater degree against infection.
  6. Glutamine also improves your body’s HGH levels. These are essential for muscle growth as well. Just a couple of grams of glutamine can boost your HGH levels by four times the normal amount.


In summary, glutamine provides energy to several different bodily systems. The health benefits are substantial and far-reaching, since it is used to treat ulcers and other intestinal problems. No other amino acid can provide so many benefits to your body, which is why it is so essential that you supplement with glutamine. It is especially important to people who are exercising regularly, such as dieters and bodybuilders, since their body loses its glutamine the more they work out. This supplement can provide an amazing number of benefits and improve your workout substantially. If you aren’t using it already, then you should at least consider it.


  • Updated May 25, 2020
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