A High Calorie Breakfast And Weight Loss

We all know that eating healthily is beneficial for supporting weight loss and your overall wellbeing. New research has shown that consuming a high-calorie breakfast as your main meal of the day instead of your evening meal is likely to be more effective in aiding weight loss and shedding those inches from your waist.  This is apparently due to the way our metabolism works with our body clock.  Eating at different points in the day can affect how your body processes food. Recently it’s been discovered that eating your biggest meal in the morning as opposed to the afternoon or evening increases your chances of losing weight.

Not only does this advice aid in weight loss but the medical benefits that go with it are rather extensive.  When the research was completed, it showed those who ate their highest calorie meal in the morning were at a much lower risk of diabetes and heart problems than those who had their larger meal in the evening.  Their cholesterol was also lower.

Surprising results

During the research, there were two test groups, both featuring women with a BMI that put them in the category of obese. The first test group would eat their main meal at breakfast then have a moderate lunch and a light meal at dinner. The second group did the opposite. The total calorific intake in a day for each woman was 1400 calories, so the meals were split 700 for the main, 500 for the lunch and 200 for the lighter meal. The main meals were the same for both groups. This study lasted for 12 weeks.

The study showed that the weight loss experienced by the women in the first group was significantly greater than that of the second group by an average of 10 lbs per woman. The inches lost from the waists of the first group were double on average of that of the second group.

Those in the first group also experienced better medical statistics throughout the study. The insulin and glucose levels of the second group were higher than those of the first test group and they experienced a spike in their blood sugar levels after meals which can become dangerous and cause hypertension. The second group didn’t experience this.


Snacking after sundown

Snacking into the late hours isn’t a healthy habit to adopt if trying to lose weight.  It can really put the brakes on your weight loss.  Eating at regular times and having well-balanced meals is the way to go to aid in losing weight and help with your wellbeing.

This looks pretty interesting, and it’s something I think we’ll try to incorporate into our meal plan. With morning training it might work out easier to get pre and post-workout nutrition if there’s a higher calorie allowance, so it looks like a good fit. We’ll keep you posted!


  • Updated May 26, 2020
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