The Best Crossfit Apps For The iPhone

Crossfit revolutionised fitness. It introduced the world to the idea of ‘functional fitness’, a new way of exercising with the potential to deliver better results. Instead of focusing on lifting weights for aesthetics or doing cardio to improve cardiovascular ability, Crossfit promised to improve health, aesthetics, and overall athletic performance through special workouts known as ‘metcons’. While many were initially skeptical of Crossfit’s approach, time has shown that the Crossfit approach does work and that Crossfit is one of the best forms of exercise available today.

While Crossfit was revolutionising the fitness world, another revolution was taking place in the world of technology. Apple released the iPhone, changing the mobile phone industry forever. Now, 6 years after the iPhone’s release, smartphones and smartphone apps are an integral part of our lives.

A number of Crossfitters saw an opportunity with the iPhone and released iPhone apps designed to improve the Crossfit experience. This article will list 5 of the best Crossfit apps available for iPhone.

#1 – Beyond the Whiteboard

Beyond the Whiteboard is one of the oldest and most popular Crossfit websites on the internet. Founded in 2008 by Moe and Corey, the founders of Crossfit Kinnick, Beyond the Whiteboard started life as a simple website designed to log Crossfit WOD results. The website has been improved dramatically over the years, quickly becoming one of the best places to log Crossfit WOD results online.

In 2011, Moe and Corey released the Beyond the Whiteboard iPhone app, an app designed to complement their website. In addition to logging workouts and drawing graphs showing progress over time, the Beyond the Whiteboard app can access WOD data for dozens of Crossfit boxes around the world, play instructional videos that teach proper form, track body fat benchmarks, and more.

#2 – Mywod

Mywod is one of the most popular Crossfit iPhone apps available today, and for good reason.

The app, created by Jimmy Tangeman, a Crossfitter from San Jose, California, is one of the most feature-packed Crossfit apps available on the App Store. It also gets regular updates with new features being added on a near-monthly basis.

Some of Mywod’s features include the ability to share completed WODs on social media websites like Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter; graphs that show athletic performance over time; a number of useful timers, including lap timers, countdown timers, and Tabata timers; dropbox integration; over 200+ preloaded WODs; and much more.

#3 – Workout Hero

With over 100,000 users around the world, including the US Army Special Forces, Rangers and Navy Seals, Workout Hero is one of the most popular and well respected iPhone apps available today.

Developed by storeboughtmilk, Workout Hero has dozens of useful features that will benefit every Crossfitter. In addition to the standard logging and graph features available in Mywod and Beyond the Whiteboard, Workout Hero features a paleo diet section with over 100,000 recipes; workout and food alarms; videos featuring technique instruction for most major crossfit movements; a gear section that makes it easy to buy Crossfit gear online; maximal strength calculators; and much more.

#4 – Pocket WOD

Pocket WOD, formerly known as iWOD fitness, is one of the best designed Crossfit apps available today. With a simple, intuitive, easy to use interface, it is arguably the most beautiful Crossfit iPhone app on the App Store.

Featured in Men’s Fitness’ “Top 5 Personal Trainer Apps Worth the Download” list, Pocket WOD is ideal for Crossfitters who do Crossfit outside of authorised Crossfit boxes. The app features an extensive technique library featuring instruction from some of the best Crossfit trainers in the world, as well as extensive timers and lift logs for tracking progress. The app also comes with thousands of pre-programmed WODs and a powerful ‘generate WOD’ feature that instantly generates a WOD in seconds.

#5 – Box Finder

Box Finder is the perfect app for Crossfitters on the go. The app contains a directory listing the address, opening times, contact details, and website address of every Crossfit box in the world. It also integrates with Apple Maps to provide directions to nearby boxes.

Summing Up

There are dozens of Crossfit iPhone apps available on the App Store today, some of which are better than others. The 5 apps listed in this article are amongst the best. Download one today.


  • Updated May 26, 2020
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