What Does Rx Mean In CrossFit?

CrossFit, like most popular workout programs, has developed some of its own terminology that can be difficult to pick up if you’re new to the CrossFit world. One of the most common terms used is ‘Rx’, but what does Rx mean in CrossFit?

In this context, Rx means completing the workout exactly as it was laid out by the instructor. This means using the weight they suggest and completing the workout in full with good form. If any of the movements are modified, if you don’t use the recommended weight or if you can’t complete the rep range, your workout is not classed as ‘Rx’.

While Rx workouts are certainly something to strive for, don’t be discouraged if you find yourself struggling to meet it rep for rep. These targets tend to be aimed at the top 5-10% of CrossFitters that are completing the workout, so while it’s certainly a good aspirational target you shouldn’t feel bad if you can’t complete it at first.

Like any workout program, it takes time to improve your CrossFit numbers. As you get fitter and your body adapts to the movements you’ll start to find the program getting a little easier to complete, and when you finally complete the workout Rx you’ll really feel like you’ve made it to another level.

The most important thing is to stay fit and healthy when you’re working out, so pushing yourself to do a workout Rx when your body isn’t up to the job yet can easily cause injuries. Nothing stalls progress quite like an injury, so build up your strength gradually and you’ll be hitting those big numbers in no time!


  • Updated May 25, 2020
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