What Does Running Do For Your Body?

It takes a bit of discipline to develop the running habit, but the benefits of this type of physical exercise make the effort well worthwhile. Here are just some of the great things that running can do for your body:


Running Acts Like a Health Tonic

If you engage in this activity regularly, it is going to improve your general state of health. You can expect to feel better not only physically but also mentally. Your body is going to be performing like a well-maintained machine, and you are going to feel more comfortable in your own skin.


Running Boosts Your Immune System

If you have a healthy immune system, it means that you are going to find it easier to fight off infections and disease. One of the great benefits of running is that it increases the number of white blood cells (aka lymphocytes), and this gives your body an improved ability to defend itself against any invaders.


Running is an Effective Stress Buster

Chronic stress is a contributing factor in many diseases, and it also increases your risk of developing depression or turning to substance abuse. By regularly putting on your running shoes, you have the opportunity to unwind and release any pent-up tension. As an added bonus, you are often going to find that answers to problems become obvious when you are engaged in this type of activity.

Running Prevents Loss of Muscle and Bone Density

There is an old saying that is very applicable to health – if you don’t use it, you lose it. When you engage in physical exercise like running, it means that you are making your muscles and bones to work hard. The result of this is that your muscles are going to remain strong, and you won’t lose bone density.


Running is an Excellent Way to Maintain a Healthy Body Weight

If you develop the running habit, it is going to make it much easier for you to maintain a healthy body weight. This means you can avoid the guilt and low self-esteem that is so often associated with a spreading waistline – you can also avoid resorting to fad diets or other extreme measures to lose weight.


Running is a Form of Mental Training

A healthy body means a healthy mind. Running not only improves your sense of overall well-being, but it also allows you to develop discipline that you can apply to other areas of your life. It is no coincidence that many successful entrepreneurs are also keen runners – this training helps them to remain focused and tenacious.


Running Improves Your Coordination and Balance

Coordination and balance can be things we usually take for granted, but these two physical attributes can be so important. Running on different types of terrain allows you to improve your coordination. This is going to improve your ability to engage in everyday tasks.


  • Updated May 25, 2020
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