Ultimate List Of Weightlifting Sites

We’re aiming to catalogue the best weighlifting, powerlifting and bodybuilding sites online, so if you have any recommendations for our list please contact us and let us know!

Bodybuilding.com– The site supplies a complete array of resources to achieve powerful bodybuilding results. This includes a shop that sells muscle-building supplements, a selection of recipes, and fitness and nutrition programs to follow.

Muscle and Strength– The site allows the community to get involved in sharing and rating the articles presented. Numerous articles about bodybuilding and weightlifting are displayed each week, and the community members have the opportunity to recommend articles based on the merits they see.

Ex RX– This is a comprehensive resource of training exercises for fitness trainers, bodybuilders and people who just want to get in shape. The site contains thousands of workout regimens to make use of.

Stronglifts– The site uses powerlifting techniques created by Arnold Schwarzenegger’s own mentor- Reg Park. A companion blog chronicles the site creator’s personal journey of using powerlifts on a daily basis.

T Nation– Contains a variety of articles and workout programs on building muscle mass. The site targets both men and women in helping them achieve muscular bodies.

Muscle and Fitness– Visitors will find a wealth of material on bodybuilding and fitness here. The site also features news articles and editorials relating to the world of fitness as well as a store to purchase muscle growth supplements and other fitness items.

Scoobys Workshop– The site contains a great index of all its articles and blog posts. The content covers fitness and health as well as eco-awareness and social responsibility.

Flex Online– This fitness and bodybuilding site posts regular contests. The men have an Olympia competition for them while the women get a bikini contest.

Muscular Development– The site sells a number of muscle development supplements, but it also promotes health and fitness through workout programs and contests for bodybuilding enthusiasts. It also provides multimedia coverage of events and news that relates to the industry.

Body Rock TV– The site is geared toward women and a unique workout system known as the body rocker. Blogs and videos show visitors how to perform the workout and how users are faring in their daily sessions.

Mens Health-This comprehensive guide to health and fitness for men covers more than just exercises. It also contains articles and editorials about sex, eating healthy, and maintaining a manly style.

Simply Shredded– The site contains interviews with fitness experts and various personalities within the fitness industry. It also hosts workout and blogging videos that give visitors motivation and instruction in their fitness regimens.

Dave Draper– Dave gives a wealth of easy to understand information about fitness and weight lifting. This is presented in the form of Q and A sessions. The site also contains community support for those who want to find out about the fitness and bodybuilding methods of other people.

M140– Benjamin guides bodybuilding enthusiasts through his training regimen and the kinds of supplements he uses to get great results. He shoots down myths about bodybuilding and provides insightful information into how bodybuilders achieve their muscular growth.

24 Hr Fitness– This is a depository of information on fitness, weight loss, muscle development and bodybuilding. The site contains links to hundreds of helpful articles on these various subjects.

Anabolic Minds– The site contains helpful articles about proper workout techniques. There is also a store there that lets users rate and review various fitness and muscle supplements.

Iron Magazine– The site’s articles and blogs cover steroid use, paleo diets, fitness programs and provide insightful interviews with fitness and bodybuilding veterans.

Muscle Hack– Mark teaches a workout method known as THT or Targeted Hypertrophic Training. The site promotes his fitness book on the subject and provides blogs about his and other users’ experiences with the workout.

Crossfit– The site helps people of all body types achieve their fitness goals through a variety of training and fitness methods. These include biking, hiking, weight lifting, exercising and more.

Bodybuilding Szene– This German bodybuilding site runs contests for bodybuilders and sells various muscle development supplements. It also covers news in the bodybuilding and fitness industries.

Elite FTS– It’s more than just a store for fitness and exercise paraphernalia. The site also contains workout programs and blogs about the industry.

Building Muscle 101– The site uses a simple format to help those new to bodybuilding achieve their results. It also contains information on exercises to build each muscle group and what kinds of diet and weightlifting programs can be dangerous.

Gym JP– The site provides a start-to-finish guide for increasing muscle mass and developing the body that you want. Through training exercises and articles, visitors can gain insight into how a successful workout program can be done.

Lee Hayward– The site follows the advice of bodybuilder Lee Hayward as he teaches about muscle development and bodybuilding. The site also sells fitness books and products to help consumers develop their bodies.

Body Building Secrets– The site teaches a number of unconventional exercise and bodybuilding techniques. These include methods for losing fat and gaining muscle simultaneously as well as quick-fix workouts that promise fantastic results.

Intense Workout– The site provides a comprehensive look at fast fitness. It promotes a method of weightlifting, dieting and exercising that promises prompt results.

GNC– The popular health and fitness shop provides a wealth of products that cover all aspects of physical well-being. The company even sells its own line of fitness products.

Net Fit– A multimedia effort to promote health and wellness for its visitors, the site provides videos, quizzes, blogs and more that help people develop their bodies in their own way.

Cyber Pump– Free information on weight loss, fitness and muscle development are all part of this site’s efforts to promote fitness among its visitors.

Elite Fitness– This socially-connected site sells a number of muscle development products and permits users to discuss those products as well as other fitness and exercise topics on its forums.

Female Muscle– This female-centric fitness site provides motivational blogs, muscular development workouts, training tips and even Spotify playlists to help women get the bodies they want.

The Athletic Build– This fitness site is geared toward athletes and helping visitors achieve an athlete’s body. It does this by providing inspirational blogs and instructional videos.

West Side Barbell– Louise teaches powerlifting to the members of his elite weightlifting club through the site. He brings his years of expertise as a fitness expert to his teaching.

USA Powerlifting– This site promotes the sport of weightlifting. It features competitions, training, articles from champion lifters and much more.

Critical Bench– The site works toward getting its users not only stronger and more muscular, but leaner and thinner as well. It works on weight loss right alongside fitness and muscle growth.

Nasa Sports– Powerlifting, bench presses and power sports are all represented in competitive form here. This is the national hub for a number of lifting competitions and a great place for visitors to find out where various athletes rank overall.

Lift– This site is all about body strengthening without all the frills. It cuts down on all exercises it deems nonessential and promotes bodybuilding through a stringent workout program, taught through videos and written tutorials.

Weightrainer– Three bodybuilding experts weigh in through various articles on the different topics related to the weightlifting industry.

Mike Mentzer– The Mike Mentzer training program is distributed through video tutorials, membership packages and newsletters. Trainers and weightlifting enthusiasts share their success stories to motivate others.

Old Time Strongman– The training programs here use classic techniques that were once used by circus strongmen. No supplements or modern equipment is used, and visitors are instructed on how to make their training programs fit the classic style.

Straight to the bar– This site is all about the personal journey of weight trainers. From exclusive interviews to daily and weekly blogs, visitors can witness how others are reaching their weightlifting goals.

Dinosaur Training– The training programs here eschew methods that cater to weaker and thinner people and go for more old-fashioned methods of weight training.

Dorian Yates– This multiple Olympia winner promotes a fat burner that is used by competitive weightlifters. The product is meant to burn off fat while developing muscle tone and growth.

Clarence Bass– The site is an index to the writings and training methods of health and fitness enthusiast Clarence Bass. He shares his articles in a topical index that makes it easy for visitors to find the information they want.

IFBB Pro– The site features promotional events for fitness competitions as well as news about various happenings in the sport of competitive weightlifting.

Iron Man Magazine– The site provides inspirational articles, instructional videos and industry interviews all centered on weightlifting, weight training and maximizing muscle growth.

Ross Training– Tips and articles provide helpful information about weight training at any age. Ross motivates his visitors with inspirational content and methods for training and achieving goals that can be used by anybody.

Lift Up– This site honors the memories of Olympic athletes in weightlifting and provides a rich history of the sport as well as a springboard for those who are interested to get started on their own Olympic journey.

Mind and Muscle– Professional medical advice from Dr. Todd Lee compliments a full array of weightlifting and fitness products in the site store. Videos offering instruction for weight training are also available.

Defrancos Training– The gym trainers offer up all sorts of fitness and muscle development programs to help people grow their muscles. They also provide DVDs and other instructional methods of fitness enthusiasts.

Global Body Weight Training– The unique fitness and weight training methods here include an animal style program and hand balancing to develop people’s bodies.

Fitness– While it offers the articles and training exercises as many other fitness sites, this one’s unique feature is its club search that allows users to find a fitness club or gym in their area.

Nerd Fitness– This pop-culture themed site takes a lighter look at fitness and working out and provides guidelines for people of any body type to achieve their fitness goals.

Strength Coach– This membership plan allows people to receive constant support and training from certified coaches and fitness experts to help them develop their bodies.

Girls Gone Strong– Strength training articles and blogs speak toward women who want to improve their bodies. The site also offers recommendations on books and other resources outside the main site for women to use.

Vince Del Monte– Vince helps people of all body types develop their muscles and become fit through his training DVDs and workout programs.

The Pumping Station– The information and training regimens here cater to both new fitness and weight lifting enthusiasts as well as people who have been developing their bodies for years.

Team Iron Works– About half of the site’s store is dedicated to clothing and accessories for bodybuilders, including tees and thermoses. The other half is developmental supplements to help users get the ripped look they want.

Live Strong– The site is concerned about total body health. It includes warnings about products that it deems as dangerous and provides helpful advice on how to stay healthy and become fit.

Weight Training Exercises– The site helps fitness enthusiasts target the part of their body they want to work on. Comprehensive exercise routines are listed for each part of the body.

Catalyst Athletics– Visitors can find methods to help prepare them for Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting. News about the industry is covered as well.

My Weightlifting– The site encourages the development of personal weight loss and bodybuilding goals. It helps visitors reach those goals through various instructional guides and training programs.

California Strength– Visitors can find weightlifting and bodybuilding merchandise for sale in the site’s store. Or they can peruse a number of instructional videos on weightlifting exercises they can perform.

Wax Mans Gym– The gym’s site focuses on giving beginners the tools to develop their bodies as well as helping professional weightlifters prepare for competitive exhibitions.

All Things Gym– The workouts on this site focus on developing one’s own mobility. While weightlifting and power training are also covered in the instructional articles, mobility is the site’s main focus.

Joan Pagano Fitness– Joan provides helpful advice for seniors looking to stay fit and healthy even in their old age. Videos and articles flesh out the training exercises in an easy-to-understand format.

Ultimate Performance– The site promotes the gym’s various locations and training programs but also offers up some great advice through its articles for losing weight quickly and staying fit.

Lift Big Eat Big– The site follows the exploits and daily lives of strongmen and their families. It offers interviews and an in-depth look at how these men achieve their amazing results.

Hardcore Powerlifting– The site serves as a gateway to professional powerlifting for both men and women. It also includes articles on weight training for those interested in growing their musculature.

Layne Norton– Layne is a professional bodybuilder, coach and scientist who uses proven methods to train others on how to achieve great bodybuilding results on their own.

Lilliebridge– This site covers the family-run gym and provides a wealth of videos about how they train together, helping others to do the same for themselves.

Gag Lion Strength– The site’s blog helps visitors to see how incredible muscle growth can be achieved. This is backed up by articles, instructional programs and videos on power training.

World Fitness Network– This site gives users a holistic approach to daily health. It includes workout programs like many similar sites do, but it also provides advice for improving mental health and for dieting.


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