Bodyweight Workouts – Getting Started

Bodyweight workouts are fantastic. You need little to no equipment, can save a ton of money on your gym membership and, with a little practice, can look pretty impressive. If you’ve never dabbled in anything beyond push-ups and pull-ups there’s a world of challenging, effective workouts for you to try, the vast majority of which can be done anywhere at any time for free!

Sometimes getting to the gym isn’t an option, sometimes you’re broke, sometimes you just fancy a change from squats and deadlifts – no matter what the reason, it’s worth learning a simple bodyweight workout routine that you can fall back on when weights aren’t an option. Not convinced they’re worthwhile? Have a look at this…

Obviously there’s some pretty advanced stuff in there, but with the right progressions, it’s more than achievable for most people (if you’re 400lbs you might want to drop a few before giving the ab crunch shredder dips a try). By getting a little better each time it’s amazing how quickly you can improve your reps and move on to the more advanced movements, and working your way up through tougher exercises means you’re constantly being challenged and getting a good workout.

Where to Start

Reddit has an awesome bodyweight fitness community who offer advice and encouragement to anyone looking to build and improve on their bodyweight workouts. The FAQ will talk you through setting up your routine and what progression to take as you develop your strength. If you can’t find what you want to know there just post a question and there’s plenty of people there who are willing to offer advice. It’s a great little community and I thoroughly recommend checking it out.

Given the option, I’ll probably choose the gym 99/100, but it’s great to know I can still get a good workout wherever I am. I’m already working on improving my pull-ups/chin-ups, and the handstand push up is definitely something I’m working up to, so bodyweight movements are already part of my routine and I’ll be looking to incorporate more in the future. Hopefully, within a year or two I’ll get somewhere close to the dude in the video!


  • Updated May 26, 2020
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